The price is calculated according to the type of course and the number of students in the group.

The initial testing for establishing the level is free.


English – Romanian
Romanian – English
25 Ron gross
French – Romanian
Romanian – French
25 Ron gross
Spanish – Romanian
Romanian – Spanish
25 Ron gross
Italian – Romanian
Romanian – Italian
25 Ron gross

For the translations from one foreign language into another an additional tax is added.

Translations in the technical, medical or any other specialized field require personalized price quotations for each order in part.

Each order receives individual quotations, according to the delivery term, the level of difficulty, the number of pages and of the direct negotiation with the client.

Can be also negotiated price reducing according to the number of pages, the delivery term, as also the level of difficulty of the text.

A page means 2000 characters with spaces (it can be counted using the option Wordcount in Microsoft Word). Documents of civil state, certificates, studies diplomas are considered 1 page.

The above mentioned prices are applied for delivery terms of over 24 hours, for the translations with short deadline an emergency tax is applied that will differ from difficulty and the number of pages.

For the translations legalized at the notary the price for the legalization of the public notary is added.  


Price hour 25 – 30 euros
Price day Between 125 – 150 euros (according to the length and difficulty of the event)

For the interpreting services that last 3 – 4 hours the price of an entire day is perceived.

The standard time of interpreting for each interpreter is 6 hours/day.

The period is calculated starting with the moment when the interpreter is at the client’s disposal.

In the case of travels outside Bucharest, the transport, the accommodation and the meals of the interpreter (interpreters) are in charge of the client (beneficiary).